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These are a few of the 'Available for Purchase' covers before and after requested modifications.



Final Cover

The background was changed, the couple was moved up, and a house was added in.


The "eyes" were removed from the background. 

Female model hair and eye color changed. 

Image shifted so male model face is not visible.

Title font changed to better fit the genre of the book.


The whip was removed and a baby and carrier put in it's place.

Background changed from red to blue to soften the effects of the cover.

Font color also changed to soften it, and match the new cover image.


Background images were made more vivid.

Author name moves to the bottom and title to the top.

font changed to be reflective of author needs and of genre.


As you can see with this one, not a lot was changed.  Author font is a little more edgy, which is reflective of the book.


With this one, the faded image of the couple into the woman's skin worked well, but the woman herself needed to be changed out to a more "fresh-faced' innocent. 

Pearl color was also soften to pink instead of white, to give it a more gentle feel.

Again, author name and title rearranged on the cover, this time due to the change in the woman.


With this cover being used for a historical, the man's chain necklace needed to be removed as did the hint of jeans he is wearing.

Fonts changed to reflect author name "branding" and story genre.


In this cover, the veil around the woman was changed to blue, and the eye color lightened considerably.

Also changed the eye-shadow color, to better match with blue.

Obviously the font was also changed.


Since this needed to match the rest of the series, the border and series logo was added.

Also, it involves a wolf shifter, so a wolf was added in.